Queensland Funeral Information

If you are looking at this site you are most likely faced with the death of someone important to you or the prospect of losing someone important to you very soon. We would like to encourage you and give you information at this time that empowers you.

There is only ever one chance to celebrate and honour the life of the person you love and we want you, as the people we serve, to be able to look back, although sometimes painfully, and remember that experience with the assurance and confidence that you have done all that you could to make the funeral a unique, personal and cherished day for your family.

Because death is very difficult to think about and a very hard subject to discuss, most families do not talk about it before the event. As a result, we often find ourselves making difficult decisions at the worst time of our lives when we are very tired, emotional, hurting and often surprised.

We offer information on this site to help you understand the funeral process. We have a comprehensive list of resources on the Resource Link page.

Or go directly to the Information Book we offer as a working tool that promotes discussion, transparency and instruction about the wishes of your family in terms of how a funeral should be.

If you are planning to prearrange your own funeral, we would encourage you to complete the forms in the back of the Information Book and place them with your other personal and important papers. By doing that you are leaving your own clear instructions and personal wishes that give insight, assistance and clarity to those you love who will care for you at that time. You may also wish to go to our online form to fill in your details.

View our Information Book below or download by right clicking on the link

integrity funerals and preplan brochure